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Presidea Tech started with only one goal – innovate and incorporate technology to accelerate your digital transformation. We strive to provide customer satisfaction and make your business flourish with our world-class solutions and services related to IT. Our work philosophy is “Always deliver, more than expected” and we follow to convey more than what companies expect from our services.

Presidea Tech, just like other companies provide you with IT services, but what makes us different from others is our commitment to work for our clients and help them achieve their business goals with our technical expertise.

Our goal is to change the way businesses operate. We work towards digitalization and for bridging the gap between Legacy Past and the Digital Future. Experts at Presidea Tech can help you solve any business problem with the right and effective technology solution. But we also believe that technology alone cannot bring such a change and for that, we need to work together. And so, our mission is to drive your business towards success with a human-centric approach and deliver optimum results.

We master as an end-to-end provider in niche IT solutions such as cloud computing, data management, security, CRM, network solutions and many more. We aim to grow more every day and make your journey easy and smooth.


Presidea Tech offers real-time IT solutions and services 24/7 to meet the demands of your business, accelerate the outcomes and improve the overall performance.

IT Consulting

Our experts offer IT Consulting at any level of your business project. We guide you to overcome the challenges and solve your problems with our technology expertise.

Software Development & Maintenance

As a Software Development & Maintenance service provider, we can help you function with advanced technologies and change the way the business operates.

Cloud-Based Data Migration

With data security and accessibility on the cloud, our experts help you operate from anywhere, anytime & save your progress. We are here to make your cloud journey seamless without any high-end requirements and labour.

Network Security & Compliance

Presidea Tech extends its security with its network as well, where you can work without worrying about any data loss and stealing of valuable information.


Development & Maintenance

Upgrade to cloud applications and meet business needs

With the digitalization of workplaces, it’s important to shift from traditional software and build development and maintenance strategies for cloud-based applications with up-to-date technologies. Overcome the challenges with lower development costs and eliminate risks with high security. We, at Presidea Tech, identify your needs and ensure efficient solutions such as:

  • Application Development
  • Application Migration
  • Application Integration
  • Application Re-engineering & Modernization
  • Application Support & Maintenance

Testing & Migration

Transform into new systems and save your data

Now that you have finally thought to shift to the cloud environment, it’s time to adapt to newer applications and migrate old databases to the cloud. And before doing so, it important to do testing for verification for data integrity and security, to reduce risks of data loss or technical issues post-migration and testing the compatibility. Our experts provide technical support, fix plug-ins, and improve the performance of your company. We provide:

  • Application Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Server Migration
  • OS Migration

Cloud Computing

Switch to smarter business, Switch to cloud

Cloud Computing has led to digital transformation in the business world and brought in innovation to several companies by increased flexibility, low-costs, scalability, and time-to-value. Don’t worry for our experts have thoroughly researched and provided solutions for you to succeed and adapt to the cloud environment. We provide:

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Content Management

Create high-end accurate content for your company

It’s now easy to find almost anything with just one click on the internet, but it’s hard to find the most authentic information related to your work. And to help you with these, we are here with different solutions for content management which includes management of documents, content on the web (WCMS), digital assets and records, and content related to enterprises (ECM). Effective management helps your company to access accurate information and invite traffic for your site with the exact keywords. We provide:

  • Content Management Strategy and Consulting
  • Content Management Implementation and Customization
  • Enterprise Content Search
  • Content Management Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Workflow Management

CRM Engineering

A healthy relationship can help your business grow 

In the corporate world, as much as the technology works for the advancement of the business, the success of any company also depends on their relationship with the customers. Having a healthy Customer Relationship is important to increase product/brand value and also attract more clients and Presidea Tech understands how important it is for you as well.

We help our clients manage their Customer Relationship to boost their sales in the market, develop loyalty, increase productivity, and helps provide services to their valuable customers with minimal costs and speedy solutions like:

  • Customer Data Management
  • Sales Acceleration and Enablement
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Additional Features & Considerations (project management and social media management)

Business Process Management

Design models to accelerate work output

Presidea Tech strives to fulfil your business objectives by aligning processes and building strategies (including technology and resources) to bring out the desired goal and have a competitive advantage. Business Process Management (BPM) refers to disciplinary management and an innovative approach to accomplish maximum business benefits with time-to-value. Our services include:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy and integration services
  • BPM services
  • Cloud integration
  • Business Rules Management System services
  • Process analytics and Complex Event Processing

Knowledge Management Solutions

Saving up for the Future

Knowledge management refers to a systemic approach to preserve the knowledgeable assets of any organization for creating strategies in the future. It provides users (managers) with valuable information to organize and carry out business projects and tasks efficiently with better productivity and skills.

Often the change of employees can hamper the company’s progress if proper documentation of its data and records is not done. Presidea Tech’s knowledge management systems and solutions help prevent such risks and loss of information by recording your data. We provide solutions like:

  • Knowledge Management Assessment
  • Knowledge Management Framework Design and Implementation
  • Knowledge Management Training
  • Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Transition
  • Knowledge Management Enabling Technology



We promise to help you achieve your business goals and communicate your ideas with innovation.

Overcome Challenges

Our experts are experienced and knowledgeable who understand the needs of any business and how they can grow. Keeping in mind the rules of the corporate world, we help you to achieve your objectives in time and increase the productivity of your business. We make your operations easy and help you to digitalize your business with advanced technologies and IT services.

Technical Support

Our IT specialists provide you with the top solutions to meet end-to-end business goals. With advanced IT services, you can establish your IT infrastructure and increase work efficiency quickly.

Maximize ROI

Providing services to all companies, big or small, we have surely understood the business environments and the strategies required to grow your business and get valuable profit with maximum ROI.


Save up valuable time to focus on your main goals because we are here to do it for you! Setting up an IT infrastructure and managing it can get tough, but don’t worry. Overcome the challenges in business and secure your way to the top.